KI-Media2 Obituary for Prof. Khin Sok – Our sincere condolences to his family and friends

Unofficial translation from French:

Khin Sok (1942-2011)

Born in Kandal province in 1942, he passed away on 10 October 2011 following a long illness.

Titles and Diplomas:

  • BA in literature (Phnom Penh Faculty of Arts, 1967)
  • Certificate of advanced Khmer literature studies (Phnom Penh, 1968)
  • EPHE Diploma (4th Section, 1971)
  • Doctorate in History (Paris VI University, 1975)
  • PhD in Literature and Human Sciences (EHESS, 1987)
  • University professor


  • High school math teacher in Phnom Penh
  • History professor at the Phnom Penh university
  • Professor at the Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations from 1973 until his retirement (he started as an assistant professor and became lecturer).
  • Member of the Cambodian Royal Academy.


  • Cambodian royal chronology (From Ponhea Yat to the fall of Longvek – between 1417 to 1595). French translation with a comparison of the various versions and introduction. Published by EFEO, Collection of texts and documents on Indochina, XIII, 1988, 471 pp.
  • Cambodia squeezed between Siam and Vietnam (from 1775 to 1860). Published by the EFEO, Collection of texts and documents on Indochina, XVIII, 1991, 350 pp. incl. maps.
  • Modern Khmer grammar, with an introduction by Claude Hagère (Prof. at Collège de France), Paris, You Feng Ed., 1999, 620 pp.
  • The annexation of Cambodia by Vietnam during the 19th Century as retold in two poems composed by Venerable Botum Baramey Pich (The Kampoub Ter Ong story), Paris, You Feng Ed., 2002, 416 pp.
  • Manual of Cambodian epigraphy, with the collaboration of Claude Jacques and Yoshiaki Ishizawa. Vol. I, Paris, EFEO/UNESCO and the Japanese Government, 2007, 215 pp.
  • Cambodian grammar, Phnom Penh, Published by the Cambodian Royal Academy, 2007, 501 pp.
  • Contributions to joint projects and magazine articles.

For a complete list of his publication, please visit:

Compiled by Khing Hoc Dy

Click here to download this poem (PDF)

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