KI-Media2 KI Media DEMONSTRATION for ELECTORAL REFORM of NEC — Tomorrow, MONDAY, May 20 at 7 A.M. (Democracy Park near Wat Phnom Penh)



National Election Committee


MONDAY, May 20, at 7 A.M.
Democracy Square (near Wat Phnom)


I will join this demonstration, demanding electoral reform.

Recently, I had a conversation with friends who are Singaporean Christians about the mega-church phenomenon in Singapore (which I didn’t know about) and the “Prosperity Gospel”, how the pastor of one of the more famous mega-churches, married to a celebrity, is embroiled in a corruption scandal.

I commented that it’s as much a reflection of the congregation as of the pastor. They themselves quite successful business people, agreed.

My comment also fits the Cambodian situation. It has been said that our past and present DISMAL, violent, tyrannical leadership is as much a reflection of the Cambodian people as the leaders.

IT IS TIME THAT WE ASPIRE TO SOMETHING BETTER THAN THE KHMER ROUGE STANDARD. I want to be proud of my leader, not be embarrassed.

I want my leader to help me and other Cambodians realize our HUMAN POTENTIAL, not leadership that uses state resources to wage war on its own people, and do the bidding of foreign powers.

I am so sick and tired of the violence, the DESTRUCTION that this Hun Sen regime reeks on the Cambodian people and the country. I am so ashamed and so embarrassed, and so INFURIATED by the way this regime destroys its own people and the natural beauty and resources of the land.

– Theary, Phnom Penh, Sunday, May 19

Seen and heard on Ms. Theary C. Seng’s BLOG

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