KI-Media2 KI Media Prasat Tanei and Khmer Temples


By Son Chhay

Prasat Tanei is located near Prasat Takeo but not many people know as it is located inside the forest away from the road, even myself who was born in Siem Reap has only visited this temple for second time after nearly 40 years.

In the past 15 years, a Vietnamese company was given the sole right to manage ticket sales to tourists visiting Khmer temples in Siem Reap. This company could collect around $150 million a year, but instead, only less than $30 million reach the government coffer while the rest is stolen and divided among the Vietnamese company’s owner and corrupt government officials.

CNRP is determined to take back the Khmer temples and to have them managed by Khmer. We will use all the proceeds from ticket sales to provide $10 per month to all Cambodian citizens aged 56 and older. The cost of this redistribution of national wealth amounts to around $70 million.

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