KI-Media2 KI Media Hun Xen’sbuffoonery: Schizophrenic Hun Xen asked the US to search and arrest group of men wanting to topple the Cambodian regime

16 May 2013
By Rithy
Cambodia Express News
Translated from Khmer by Heng Soy

Phnom Penh – Strongman Hun Xen announced that, based on a request made by his regime, the US government is searching to arrest a group of opportunists who are conducting actions to topple the Cambodian regime and the monarchy. He also pointed out that a group of opportunists is hiding within the opposition party as well.

During an inauguration of a Buddhist institute named after himself in Preah Sdech district, Prey Veng province, in the morning of 16 May 2013, Hun Xen indicated that these US-based extremists have their own flag also.

Hun Xen confirmed that his regime asked the US to search and arrest these opportunists, just like what his regime did to Chhun Yasidh – the leader of the US-based Cambodian Freedom Fighter group – in 2000. Hun Xen claimed that the US sentenced Chhun Yasidh to life in prison and the latter even hanged himself in a suicide. [KI-Media Note: Now Hun Xen is resorting to lies also! Chhun Yasidh is still alive].

Hun Xen claimed that there are 2 other movements: (1) The Tiger Liberation Movement which has its own flag and seeks refuge among the opposition party to conduct its actions; (2) The US-based Mohachak movement which has its own flag, a large of number of this group’s members finds themselves in the opposition party.

Hun Xen claimed that, not only they want to change Hun Xen and the CPP, but they even want to change the monarchy as well.

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