KI-Media2 KI Media Urgent request from Boeung Kak 1, Khan Tuol Kork


Dear all (friends of evictee’s vulnerable)

At least, there are two persons from Boeung Kak 1 commune, Tuol Kork District were invited by the Department of the crime of the Ministry of Interior to clarify with accused by the Khun Sear Export and Import company.

Briefing the story:

There are 7 families who were living in that area since longer time. Last month, there’re 4 families force accepted the 15,000US$ compensation per family. Up today, there’re 3 families who rejected the 15,000 US$ compensation per families, and last two week there’re around 100 forces trying to fend around the 3 families, then they stand up and protecting the land and property, then there’re 2 persons were received these invitation letters from MoI for clarification related to criminal act.

The victims are requesting for your kindly and jointly solidarity to monitor in the morning of 16 May 2013, if any in case of arresting will be happening after the questions as it is usual happening as easy way in Cambodia.

Attached file is an invitation letter from Ministry of Interior to invite Mr. Ly Srea Kheng, Age: 58 years, Khmer Nationality.

Address: #18, Street 528, Group 41, 7 Village, Boeung Kak 1 Commune, Tuol Kork District, Phnom Penh.

Attending the criminal Office of Criminal Department of Ministry of Interior on 16 May 2013 at 8.30AM for clarification that accused by the Khun Sear Import Export Company.

Bring with relevant documents.

Date: 08 May 2013

Department Director
Gen. In Bora

Invitation letter by MoI (in-official translated by HRTF-S)

For more information please contact community at: 093405560 or 012985071



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