KI-Media2 KI Media Cambodian Youth: There is brighter Hope and Future with CNRP

Op-ed: Pretty Ma

The Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) has enlisted 45 youth candidates to run for seats in the National Assembly. This is truly brilliant, a strategic move on CNRP’s part which placed itself favourably and politically ahead of the ruling party that has made only limited rooms for the sons of sitting ministers and Prime Minister. In comparative term, there is brighter political opportunity, better hope for the future of ordinary Cambodian Young. It should resonate well among this large segment of the population under 32 that are making up 52% of entire population of the country.

Just look at the selection and preparation process of the ruling elites in the way it is grooming their successors. It sent a clear signal to Cambodian youth of the county that there is zero chance for them to compete or become an elected member of parliament as those chairs will only reserve for the sons of the elite oligarchy. But with the Cambodia National Rescue Party, there is certainly a future and a prospect of hope for full political leadership and participation which give representation to the voices and interests of all Khmer Youth. Hat off to CNRP on this recognition of our nation’s important human resources.

Our Youth have become well aware of critical issues facing their daily challenges and this burden will continue to mount long into the future as their country is mounting on debts from one fiscal year after another. Those debts will have to be repaid in due course, and for now the country has enjoyed the liberty to lease, sell large concessions of land to pay for its short-end of the balance sheet. What will happen when there are no more lands to lease or sell and the lenders are showing up at the door asking for payments, capital plus compounded interests? Oh, BTW, we have not paid Uncle Sam’s last bill yet from the Lon Nol’s era. A government debt is internationally legit and any governments in the future remain the responsible account holder.

Those debts are passing on to this generation and their young. It is truly scary when you stop and take just a minute to think. The only sad part is that we don’t want to think and live our life as “A Happy Goes Lucky” type. The oligarchy will not be there to pay your country’s debt. It’s you and your children and grand children who will be responsible for the payment. Make no mistake about it.

I just outlined some of the relevant issues prevelant to your daily struggle, today and tomorrow as you seek to improve your quality of living, obtain decent employment, make enough salary to raise a family of their own, or even to afford a home in your skyrocketing flat in the city.

We need significant change to the way the current government is operating. There are questions of revenue transparency, spending and collections. Then, there are corrupted business practices, mafia-operated like evidently in deep conflict of interests among business tycoons/Senators, government officials and their relatives that need a strict and yet well defined law in place. In Cambodia’s case, it reminds me a taxi driver down in the Caribbean island who told me last January that there are 8 senators on his island that are making law to benefit themselves and their clans. In all impoverished nations, the situation on that particular island is pretty much the same every where.

In summary, my point is that several decades have passed and we have to ask ourselves if there is a future there for us with this current government given the system is truly stack against all ordinary citizens. What have they done to improve your chance of success and what will your future be another decade from now? And then another decade will come and go, opportunity seize and opportunity lost. It’s our youth’s future and the nation’s future – these large productive force if not prepared or utilize properly will be a sad reminder how the nation has failed its own for the benefit of the corrupted mind and few who refused to pave way for them to grow, to lead and to prosper.

Supporting and voting for the CNRP will definitely help improve your chance of success. It allows us to move in the right direction to a much brighter future then the one we are facing now.

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