KI-Media2 KI Media Second Letter From Opposition Leader Sam Rainsy to King Norodom Sihamoni

[Translation from French]

Paris, 21 November 2005


In addition to my letter dated 4 November 2005, I am taking the liberty to respectfully write to You again to renew the plea I made to my King not to put His signature on the “supplemental border treaty” as it is currently submitted to Him.

As His Majesty the revered King-Father never ceased to underscore – in particular during the historical meeting of the Supreme National Council on Border Affairs held under His chairmanship in Beijing on 11-12 May 2005 – all the “technical” arguments put forward by some political leaders in an attempt to justify border agreements they had concluded with a powerful neighboring country in a recent past, are merely paper justifications and “theoretical” assurances. That is why His Majesty the King-Father stresses with insistence that nothing is worth more than a thorough inspection on the spot to learn about the fate actually sustained by our lands. In spite of His old age, Samdech Euv wanted to go by Himself along the border in order to verify the effective delineation of the latter “kilometer by kilometer,” and even, if necessary in certain areas, “meter by meter.”

Nevertheless, no independent and objective verification process on the spot, as His Majesty the King-Father wanted, has been authorized up to date in preparation for the signing and the promulgation of the “supplemental border treaty.” In fact, the latter only serves to impose a treacherous recognition of the original 1985 treaty that His Majesty the King-Father considered as part of a group of “illegal” (because they were concluded by authorities not entitled to represent Cambodia) and “unequal” (because they were concluded to the detriment of Cambodia to which they cause serious damage) treaties. His Majesty the King-Father also made it clear that such a treaty was “contrary to the [1991] Paris Agreements” because it violates the territorial integrity of Cambodia.

Since territorial integrity is an issue of life and death for Cambodia, and since no consideration was given to warnings provided by His Majesty the King-Father on this issue, Your loyal subjects would not understand the merit of a promulgation by their beloved Sovereign of the above “supplemental border treaty.” Currently submitted to intimidation and threat, Your subjects humbly, but ardently, hope for a postponement of the treaty’s promulgation until the legitimate wishes of His Majesty the King-Father are respected and until the citizens are better informed of what is happening in the border zones.

His Majesty the King-Father, Preah Karuna Samdech Preah Norodom Sihanouk, embodies the purest patriotism, and the most complete selflessness when serving the homeland. It is in this spirit that Samdech Euv had obtained national Independence for our country and laid the foundations of modern Cambodia. This is the reason why the Khmer people devote Him the deepest respect and the most unswerving love, and confer to Him the title of Father of the Nation.

All His life, revered Samdech Euv never ceased to defend the supreme interest of the Nation. In particular, He firmly and constantly defended the territorial integrity of Cambodia which was continuously threatened. To ignore His advice and to endorse the “supplemental border treaty” would be tantamount to rejecting an important part of His legacy and to killing somewhat morally the Father of the Nation, which could lead to serious consequences for the future of Cambodia.

Please accept, Majesty, the expression of my respectful loyalty.


Sam Rainsy

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