KI-Media2 KI Media Press Release: Senator Thach Setha, KKC Exec. Dir. attends his late mother’s funeral in Kampuchea Krom

The Khmer Kampuchea Krom Community, KKC, has an honor to inform the Buddhist monks, embassies based in the Kingdom of Cambodia, media, compatriots and the public that the Honorable Thach Setha, Senator of Cambodia and KKC Executive Director, is visiting his home town in Kampuchea Krom on May 10, B.E.2556 A.D.2013 in order to attend a funeral service of his late and beloved mother, Mrs. Thach Thi Ju, age 80, who passed away on Wednesday May 8, B.E.2556 A.D.2013.

The service will be held in Anchanh village, Ta Set commune, Thkov district, Preah Trapeang province.

Please review attachment for complete press release.

Contact Info: Sakal Kim 978.853.9623, 978.328.4435


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