KI-Media2 KI Media Of Post Doctors and Glorious Geniuses

Learning from the Commie Brothers — who’s learning from who is a bit difficult to decipher

North Korean military commanders

Of Post Doctors and Glorious Geniuses

Julia Wallace
The New York Times
May 9, 2013

[This is a genuine article, of real happenings, in the magical Kingdom of Extraordinary Wonder – and not The Onion story]

PHNOM PENH — Late last month, the prime minister of Cambodia awarded his long-serving finance minister the title “Kitti Setah Banditt,” which roughly translates to “Glorious Economist of Genius” and is the supposed equivalent of a doctoral degree. It was a variation on an obscure “Glorious Genius” honor that seemingly came out of nowhere in 2011, when it was given to two senior leaders of the governing Cambodian People’s Party as well as the prime minister’s wife.

Click to read the full article of the tragic comedy unfolding in the Kew-Kew! Kew-Kew!

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