KI-Media2 KI Media Kanapak Sangkruos Jeat in North America – A Message from KSJ President Sam Rainsy


To all Members and Supporters of Kanapak Sangkruos Jeat (KSJ) in North America.

I have been travelling between the U.S. and Canada for more than three weeks visiting the many Cambodian communities and KSJ Chapters in North America. I am leaving Canada today and catching a flight from Toronto to Washington DC.

Throughout North America I have seen impressive achievements by our newly formed KSJ, which is receiving an unprecedented popular support, like in Cambodia.

You have done an extraordinary job in channelling and organizing this popular support in order to help rescue country. Please receive my heartfelt congratulations and thanks.

My ongoing trip in North America has helped raise more than $100,000 for our KSJ.

Montreal (Québec) and San Jose (California) deserve a special mention: $28,800 at the May 4 fund-raising dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Montreal, and $22,000 at the April 28 meeting at a Khmer Pagoda in San Jose.

I am happy to see the effective formation and functioning of the KSJ Chapter for North America (KSJ-NA) whose task is to help the KSJ Headquarters in Cambodia work with proper coordination with the many KSJ Chapters which have been formed or are in the process of being formed in different States or Provinces of the USA and Canada.

Keep up the good work to ensure the victory of the Khmer people at the upcoming elections!

With my fraternal greetings,

Sam Rainsy

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