KI-Media2 KI Media Letter to Prime minister of Canada – Lettre au Premier Ministre du Canada


Montreal October 18th, 2011

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada
Prime Minister’s office
80 Wellington street
Ottawa, ON K1A0A2

Dear Prime Minister,

20 years ago, on October 23rd, 1991, 19 countries including Canada have signed the Paris, Peace Agreement on Cambodia. Also signed the Agreement, Vietnam and Thailand. The Cambodian people in the whole country had a hope in this historic agreement to recover the dignity as Nation, « a Cambodia Free, Sovereign, Independent, Democratic and respecting Human Rights …».

According to this Agreement :
Article 1: Cambodia has to repeal treaties to defend its sovereignty.

Article 2: Other signatories including Vietnam and Thailand have to respect this sovereignty.

Article 3: Cambodia has to respect Human Rights.

Article 4: The signatories will not to let another country violate Cambodia.

Article 5: In the event of violation of territorial integrity and of Human Rights, the signatories and the 2 co-chairmen undertake to settle peacefully and/or to recourse to the Security Council of the United Nations.

Article 8: All categories of foreign forces must withdraw from Cambodia and will no longer be able to return.

Twenty years later, Cambodia and its people are facing serious problems caused by the invader and colonizer Vietnam and the communist dictator Hun Sen. None of the treaties of 1979, 82, 83 and 85 between Cambodia and Vietnam has been canceled. On the contrary, these treaties have been strengthened and extended by the 2005 bilateral treaty additive to consolidate the colonization and the annexation of Cambodia by Vietnam. Under these treaties, Vietnam has trampled on the Sovereignty, Independence and territorial Integrity of Cambodia, ignoring his signature on the Paris Peace Agreement of October 23rd 1991. Unfortunately, Cambodia is still under the domination of Vietnam since 1979. In addition, the Cambodian people has since been battered by all communist dictators Khmer Rouge Hun Sen-CPP and by the Royalo-communist that all Khmer people consider them traitors of the Nation. As people of early 21st century, the Khmer people aspire absolutely to live free, independent and non-colonized by the Vietnam. They will use all peaceful means available and non-violent based on the Paris Peace Agreement in order to recover their freedom and independence and to restore Cambodia’s sovereignty, territorial Integrity and the state of law.

When injustice and dictatorship become « law », popular resistance becomes a prelude of the popular people’s revolution which is inevitable. The Cambodian people, by using this international tool, the Paris Peace Agreement, calls for Canada, Canadians and their Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Stephen Harper and all countries signatories of the Paris Peace Agreement as well as all countries in the world who loving Justice and Peace, to accompany them in their struggle against the imperialist and colonialist Vietnam and against the dictatorial communist Hun Sen-CPP as well as the royalo-communist khmer rouge regime in order for Cambodians to regain their independence, sovereignty, freedom and territorial Integrity in a fair, democratic and respecting human rights country.

Please find enclosed, the manifesto (in French and in English) of one of our founding members of the « Revolution of the Lotus Khmer » in Paris, M. Ou Chal :

« Cambodia, Paris Peace Agreement of October 23, 1991,
Lotus Revolution & National Transition Council (NTC) »

his open letter to Mr. Truong Tan Sang, President of the Vietnam and to Mr. Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia and also our letter to H. E. Ambassador of Vietnam in Canada.

Yours sincerely,

Khmer Lotus Revolution
& The National Transition Council (NTC)

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