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To all Excellencies Ambassador
of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the world


Since 1945, communist Vietnam under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh planned to create the Indochinese Federation including Cambodia and Laos. Vietnam has supported the Khmer rebellions, called Khmer Viet Minh and created the “United Front of Issarak” for one purpose to include Cambodia in the Federation. With the Geneva Conference of 1954, recognizing the independence of Cambodia (November 9, 1953) by the French, the Vietnamese communists were obliged by the Agreement, to withdraw from Cambodia, taking with them thousands of Khmer Vietminh and Khmer Leu (Khmer of Northeast Cambodia) for military training and to train for future leaders of Cambodia.

By 1960, communist North Vietnamese were again invaded Cambodia by installing military bases to support the Khmer Rouge regime and to fight South Vietnam. Cambodia had fallen into the hands of the Khmer Rouge in 1975 with the help of the Vietnamese communists and the Cambodian people suffered the worst massacre in human history whose Communist Vietnam can not escape its responsibilities.

Pretending to help and to liberate Cambodia from the Khmer Rouge, Vietnam rather occupy this country since 1979 to date by installing millions of settlers.
There were 22 years ago, 23 October 1991, nineteen countries have signed at Paris Peace Agreement on Cambodia. Vietnam, as the invader of Cambodia, the signer was the most affected by this Agreement. Under this Agreement:

Article 1: Cambodia must cancel the treaties to defend its sovereignty.
Article 2: The other signatories including Vietnam must respect that sovereignty.
Article 3: Cambodia must respect the Human Rights.
Article 4: The signatories must not allow a country violating Cambodia.
Article 5: In case of violation of territorial rights, the signatories and the two co-chairs of the Paris Conference on Cambodia arrange for a peaceful settlement and/or enter the UN and the Security Council the UN.
Article 8: All categories of foreign forces must withdraw from Cambodia and will no longer be returned.

Twenty two years later, Cambodia and its people are facing to serious problems caused by the invader and colonizer Vietnam and the communist dictator Hun Sen supported by Vietnam. None of incompatible treaties of 1979, 82, 83 and 85 between Cambodia and Vietnam has been canceled. On the contrary, these treaties have been strengthened and extended by the 2005 bilateral treaty additive to consolidate the colonization and annexation of neighboring Cambodia by Vietnam. Under these treaties, Vietnam has trampled on the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Cambodia, ignoring his signature on the Paris Peace Agreement of October 23, 1991. Cambodia is still under the domination of Vietnam since 1979. In addition, the Cambodian people has since been battered by these dictators Royalo-communist Khmer Rouge Hun Sen and the CPP supported by Vietnam. In the early 21st century, the Khmer people aspire to live free, independent and non-colonized by Vietnam. They will use all peaceful means available and non-violent acts based on the Paris Peace Agreement in order to recover its freedom and independence and make Cambodia’s sovereignty, territorial integrity in a State of Law.

When injustice becomes law and dictatorship supported by the colonialist Vietnam, the resistance of the Khmer people is a prelude to the popular revolution inevitable.
The people of Cambodia and the Khmer Lotus Revolution, by using this international tool, the Paris Peace Agreement, demand strongly to Vietnam and his Prime Minister, to comply with the terms of the Paris Agreement that he was signed. The Cambodian people with the Khmer Lotus Revolution will use all means available and non-violent acts to force Vietnam to respect the terms of this Agreement. The Khmer Lotus Revolution will accuse Vietnam for responsabilities of any overflow against the Cambodian people.

The Lotus Revolution & the Khmer National Transitional Council (CNT) ”

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