KI-Media2 KI Media Youth for Khmer Nation’s Mission to Kampong Thom

(Photo: The Poor Family in Kampong Thom by Angkorthom Media)

(Photo: Youth for Khmer Nation /Credited to Savona Honestly)

After their visit to Bovet, Svay Rieng, on Sunday, some members of Youth for Khmer Nation (YKN) will travel to Kampong Thom on Monday to help build a small house for the above deprived family with the limited money donatded by the group’s members and some oversea Khmers. There are also other generous people who donate rice, clothes, noodle, and other needy stuff.

In case you want to help this family, please contact the respobsible person, Mr. Pheakdei via 093999688

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