KI-Media2 KI Media Murders and assassinations in the lawless and greedy Kingdom

28 April 2012
By Kith Chamroeun

Not later than two weeks ago, one of the eminent Cambodians firmly asserted that political murders and assassinations are not common practices anymore in Cambodia. Unfortunately, the assassination of the environment activist, M. Chut Wutty, proves clearly just the opposite.

M. Chut Wutty, one of our Khmer Robin Hood, has been tireless defending our Khmer poor people against thevested groups who unceasingly squander Cambodia’s forest and other resources. The killing of In Ratana, the military officier who shooted M. Chut Wutty, is clearly the way to protect the one who has ordered the murder of the defender of the Cambodian forest and other natural resources.

I wish to express my sincere condolences to M. Chut Wutty’s wife, children and relatives for this very great moment of sadness and indescribable pain.

May his soul rest in peace. His name will be forever engraved in our heart. His courage and patriotism will never be forgotten.

Sadly with you all

Kith Chamroeun

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