KI-Media2 KI Media Incompetent, irresponsible leadership has been the cause of Khmer people’s suffering

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The grandeur and brilliance of Angkor recalls an age of national harmony and efflorescence in civic sphere and in creative culture that embody the national soul and dignity despite Cambodia’s recent nightmares and turmoils. Tourists and travelers – accustomed to ghastly images of genocide portrayed in the media – struggle to comprehend the country’s current abysmal status in light of its more civilised and distinguished past – School of Vice.


Ordinary Khmer ‘citizens’ have no rights as humans to speak of some three decades after having been freed from the clutches of genocide in 1979. The ruling party has generally sought to bind citizens’ allegiance to itself by offering membership based privileges as ‘carrots’ in token measure, and by threatening them with the ‘stick’ of disenfranchisement should their loyalty or allegiance falter. However, in recent years even steadfast loyalty to the ruling CPP has not been enough to exempt many from being tossed off their lands and properties as real estate speculation gathers momentum among tycoons and members of the political elite – School of Vice.

Listening to In Yeng’s songs brings back a lot of good souvenirs of places, friends and friendship in our old Cambodia before the civil wars.

Cambodia has suffered and continues to suffer because of her incompetent, irresponsible and power-hungry leaders!

Looking back into the past 50 years or so and looking at the current political situations, drama and abuses of power and justice plus the arrogance on the part of the current administration in Cambodia, I feel certainly sad and quite disappointed with so many Cambodian political leaders of the past and present who had and have continuously abused the trust of the people and treat them more or less like disposable objects in their business deals with local tycoons and foreigners, either next door or far away, with the sole purpose of maintaining their grips on power and handing it down later to their own flesh in the same way or manner North Korea is doing.

Cambodia is not a property of one Khmer or a group of Khmer people. Let us not forget that Cambodia belongs to all Cambodians who died in the past, live in the present and shall be born in the future. Gaining access to power under the banner of leadership either through the ballot box or force gives one no right to treat her as a personal belonging.

Unity and certainly the willingness to express the desire for changes are rare commodities in Cambodia among her children, especially the middle class who is usually unwilling or indifferent to the concerns of their much poorer brothers and sisters who certainly need the assistance in fighting the injustice of being removed from their homes and land by the government of PM Hun Sen .

What will the future of Cambodia look like, shall we say 30 years from now? Who would dare to guess?

Hopefully the younger generation of Cambodians shall aspire after knowledge and education to the point that they will become informed and willingly participating citizens and thus are willing to hold their usually stupid, arrogant and selfish leaders accountable for their wrong actions and do not put up any more with such irresponsibility and arrogance on the part of those who call themselves Samdach and leaders.

Pissed off

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