KI-Media2 Are we worshipping the killers?

07 October 2011
By Sor Sorakan
Free Press Magazine Online
Translated from Khmer by Oss Srok
Click here to read the original article in Khmer

The cruel murder on movie star Piseth Pilika which took place 12 years ago has not been met by justice yet. In fact, it seems to be buried altogether by the Cambodian government. Nevertheless, family of the victim and her movie fans still remember her and they demand that the murderers and those involved with the crime be brought to court in order to provide justice to Piseth Pilika and to eliminate the culture of impunity in Cambodia.

Right now, the truth in this case seems to show up after Sam Rainsy, the Cambodian opposition leader, directly accused Bun Rany Hun Xen, the wife of Mr. Hun Xen and a former KR medical staff, of being the mastermind behind this murder.

In an interview with RFA, Sam Rainsy said: “I will accuse Mr. Hun Xen’s wife for the killing Piseth Pilika. I have numerous documents and witnesses regarding this case…

Piseth Pilika was a former teacher at the Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA) and former movie star, she was known to have a secret affair with Hun Xen. Unknown assailants shot and killed her on 03 July 1999. Three days later, on the 6th of July, the French magazine L’Express published a report about Piseth Pilika’s relationship with Hun Xen as Hok Lundy was acting as the go-between. L’Express also published a poem personally penned by Hun Sen [sent to Piseth Pilika]. In addition, the report also discussed about Hok Lundy revealing that Piseth Pilika’s affair with Hun Xen came to be known to the Chumtheav Thom, i.e. Bun Rany Hun Xen. In the RFA interview, Sam Rainsy indicated that “Hun Xen turned a blind eye to the killing of his mistress…”

This story is well known by the Cambodian public in general which believe that Bun Rany is the target of suspicion and of being the mastermind of the killing of this famous movie star. This case has tainted [Bun Rany] and it brought scorn on her as it is usually known that medical staffs of the KR regime are cruel and they never hesitate to give shots to patients to kill them without hesitation. The public also believes that such cruelty mark should not taint the prime minister’s wife.

Facing with the accusation and the suspicion by the Cambodian public, up to now, Hun Xen never reacts or reply back to uphold his honor at all. His silence led the public to believe that it is his recognition of the facts surrounding the murder of Piseth Pilika.

It should be noted that, up to now, several movie stars and singers were shot or suffered from acid attacks led by the wives of the hoodlum government officials in the Hun Xen regime. Other victims [of vicious attacks] include: singer Touch Sunnich who was severely shot, Tat Manira who was doused with acid, Pov Panhapech who was shot, etc…

In the case of Tat Marina, her family indicated that Svay Sitha, then-deputy-secretary of the Council of Ministers, forced her to have a sexual relationship with him under gunpoint. When the affair became known, Svay Sitha’s wife along with her bodyguards doused acid on her. In this savage attack, the culprits only received a sentence [but none of them was arrested], and Svay Sitha in fact received the patting from the government when he was promoted to the position of secretary of state at the Council of Ministers. This is a sad mockery for the victim.

In the case of Bun Rany, Hun Xen’s wife and president of the Cambodian Red Cross, being behind the murder of Piseth Pilika, opposition leader Sam Rainsy is daring her to sue him if she has the courage to do so. This is what the public wants to see also, i.e. a legal case held in an international court to clear up all the suspicions held by the Cambodian public that they are not worshipping killers.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’m confuse, tat marina says that she fall in love, and then she say she was force.

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